"The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay."

Henry Ford

In AgileLab we believe that people's continuous learning and improvement is the only key to success.

For this reason, several Welfare & Benefits are provided in order to incentive as much as possible the personal and professional growth.

The circle

AgileLab has a specific circle:Engine/Training, focused on engineers knowledge (technical and soft skills) improvement. You are encouraged to get to know the circle and its offerings in terms of accountability and roles.

The portal

AgileLab has a portal that centralizes all resources regarding Training, from tutorials, to coding repositories and the courses. You can check it out at


AgileLab provides internal courses in its Learning Management System (LMS). For further details, please read the Courses page.


AgileLab frequently organizes internal tech workshops. For further details, please read the dedicated section.

Language Learning

AgileLab provides the possibility to improve the language skills. For further details, please read the dedicated Language Learning page.

Other Training material

You can find plenty of other training resources:

  • Slides and past training material in sharepoint://BigData/Documents/Training/
  • books: we have a Library and a Book club

Along with all these resources, as reported in Welfare & Benefits, remember that you also have an important personal annual budget to spend in OTHER training material: make good use of it!

Time Tracking

All the guidelines to be followed for time tracking on Elapseit are available in Project Time Tracking (focus on the Training section).

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