Training and Awareness Policy

Training is a constant and fundamental dimension of work and an essential tool in human resource management. In order to manage change and ensure a high quality of products and services, organisations today have to be based on knowledge and skills development. Training is also an essential component of what is called “organisational well-being”.

For that reasons HR Circle determines for each year a programme containing the minimum of training hours for all the personnel, including a fix amount of hours concerning compliance and security in general. Onboarding training activities will be executed by the relevant Circle taking care of giving all the inscructions concenring compliance and the existance of this Handbook to all new empoyees and personnel in general.

Training systems must strengthen integration with the work organisation, improve recognition for the achievement of objectives, develop training paths also in view of the professional needs of the coming years, and provide the necessary tools to our employees in order to work safely and in compliance with the rules applicable to the specific activities carried out. The valorisation of human resources is an essential element for the overall quantitative and qualitative growth of the services provided. In order to complete this valorisation process, Agile places training policies at the heart of the personnel growth process and defines a plan for employee training. The training plan is intended to be a simple planning tool focused on training projects.
In order to ensure a greater effectiveness of the actions foreseen, the proposals developed will have as main element the growth of personnel’s skills.
Training in this context plays a central role in the maintenance of existing skills, the development of new professional figures and the requalification of existing ones.

The training programme therefore aims to:
• prepare the personnel to adequately fill their positions and roles, to promote awareness among all employees of their role in a developing company;
• integrate and update knowledge on cyber security, business continuity and personal data security in view of GDPR;

Personnel training planning takes into account the evolution of the topics of employee training.
Training will be organised and managed by the DPO with the assistance of Internal Compliance and Internal Technical Compliance. It is also Agile’s intention to experiment the "online" training. In the case of training related to programming, employees will be allocated a package of hours that they can manage themselves using a workstation that will be made available for this purpose. With this formula, forms of "self-training" can be experimented.

Methods of delivering the training activity

Training services can be delivered in a variety of ways:

  • Distance learning;
  • Self-training;
  • Training 1v1 with the DPO; and
  • Corporate LMS


The evaluation of training is made annually by Complaince Team and reported in writing.

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