The onboarding process for the Engineering Department is the starting point for all the new people joining Agile Lab (regardless of status, interns should be onboarded in the same way).

Checklist for Manager

  • Create an account on Office365 "" and send credentials to the private email.
  • Include it on group "dev".
  • Include it on "BigData" Sharepoint.
  • Include it on the specific branch (city) group.
  • Create an account on "Elapseit" and send credentials to "" email.
  • Create an account on "Holaspirit" and send credentials to "" email.
  • Create an account on "gitlab" with the agile lab email and let the new team member confirm it.
  • Add the new member to the "developers" gitlab group.
  • Assign an onboarding buddy on the new employee's team.
  • Send an email to the new employee and the buddy linking this page to let them be aware about next steps.
  • Organize smooth onboarding with clear tasks. Define which technologies should be studied in the first two weeks.
  • Include it on first project Sharepoint.
  • Include it on recurring activities and meetings for the first project.

Checklist for Buddy

  • Read the buddy section in the leadership guidelines
  • Introduce yourself to the new team member with a video call.
  • Remind about the handbook, suggest most useful pages, clarify it in case of need.
  • Explain about how the company is operating and what is self management.
  • Talk about Agile Lab values and how to collaborate with peers.
  • Explain compliance procedures and GDPR policies
  • Talk about the engineering ladder
  • Introduce it to Teams (note: new team member will be automatically inserted on major channels).
  • Check in regularly about its first tasks status and clarify doubts.
  • Support it on training tasks for the first two weeks.
  • Introduce the new team-member to 5 people
  • Talk about the role of the Software Mentor before to say goodbye.

Checklist for new team-member

  • Login into Office365 and check provided credentials are working.
  • Login on Elapseit and check provided credentials are working.
  • Login on Holaspirit and check provided credentials are working.
  • Login on Teams.
  • Check you can access to "BigData" Sharepoint.
  • Create an account on GitLab a provide the related username to your Manager.
  • Introduce yourself on the "intros" Teams channel so to let your (especially remote) colleagues know a little bit more about yourself, what do you like, area of expertise, location, etc. Although this is not mandatory, it's highly recommended for the sake of the value of being a company focused on the individuals as persons, not as just anonymous workers.
  • Schedule 5 introductory calls (30 minute each) with the 5 people provided by the buddy.
  • At the end of the first two weeks, fill the Onboarding Quiz that you can find on the home page of "BigData" Sharepoint
  • Add your signature in the Outlook email using instructions and the template you can find in sharepoint:BigData/Documenti/Doc Templates/Template firme mail.docx

First two weeks

In Agile Lab the first two weeks are dedicated to train on different technologies based on Manager indications. Buddy will be supportive along this period.

In "BigData" Sharepoint there are the official Agile Skill courses that must not be shared with external world. This material can be then integrated with other resources in case of need.


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Modified at: 2021-04-08 10:00:09

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