As part of the benefits offered to employees, Agile Lab offers the opportunity to attend one outsourced technical training per year, leveraging company money following the boundaries listed in Benefits.

What trainings mean and what they should be for Agile Lab:

  • 2/3 days event managed on site or online
  • small gruops sessions only
  • focused on deepening into one practice / problem-approach (e.g. DDD, functional design) rather than mastering a specific technology/platform
  • hands-on oriented
  • discussing (directly or indirecly) solutions to everyday business problems
  • great space for trainer-attendees interactions

The process to attend an international outsourced technical training is listed below.

Checklist and accountabilities

Once identified the training to attend to, an employee must:

  1. Get the participation approved your coach ( project lead/lead link);
  2. Broadcast the opportunity on Teams in the Training/Generale channel: sharing same interests is helpful in increasing the possibility of tailored-made trainings;
  3. Once approved and verified how many other colleagues will join in the training trip, ask peopleops to buy the related tickets;
  4. Search by your own for travelling and accommodation, according to the rules as in SpendingCompanyMoney;
  5. Ask peopleops to buy you the travel tickets and book for your accommodation. If not possible, do it on your own expenses (they will be reimbursed with the next payroll);
  6. Enjoy the training. In the meantime, take at least 1 meaningful photo per day (picturing Agile Lab's people in the context of the technical training and meaningful stuff) and send it to marketing;
  7. Take notes during the training and produce a report of it containing meaningful insights that can support/improve company's technical skills, and/or open to new opportunities. The report must be published on the company's BigData OneNote -> Outsourced Technical Trainings section, following the template that will be made available in such section. Once completed, it must be advertised/shared/linked on the Training/Generale Teams channel. Given the hands-on approach, the material of the training could be the foundation for future internal alignments / improvements / workshops on the overall subjects covered.

That's it! Pretty simple, right? A small accountability for a big benefit. :)

Checklist for the coach

Which are the drivers that should be taken in account to evaluate outsourced trainings:

  • Is the training aligned with the individual career path, technical progression and personal goals
  • Is the training aligned with the technical strategy of the company ?
  • Is the training aligned with team goals and needs ?

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