How to reach us

  • Address: Bassilab - Via Ugo Bassi, 60, 35131 Padova PD
  • Website
  • 15' walk from the station
  • Parking:
    • 20 free outdoor parking spots available inside the structure (open to everyone in the coworking space). You need to be authorized in AirKey to open the gate (see Office).
    • 6 bike parking spots (mostly uncovered)
  • Public transportation in Padua is handled by Busitalia Veneto:
    • By bus (from train station):
      • Line U10 from Stazione Fs to Via Tommaseo stop + 4' walk
      • Line U25 from Stazione Fs to Via Tommaseo stop + 4' walk
      • Just walk if it doesn't rain
    • Other than ordinary means of purchase, it is possible to purchase tickets via Trenitalia App in Purchase > Services > Busitalia Buses > Padova and choosing the required ticket.


In order to access the coworking area (included parking) you need the authorization in AirKey application. Please refer to the facility manager (People Care > Facility in Hola) to ask for authorization.

The office is located in the mezzanine floor, in front of you as you enter the main wooden door.

Office spaces

  • Operative area: private office with 5 desks, equipped with 4 external screens, several keyboards and mouses. There's a coffee machine and a microwave.

  • 1 common conference room you can book in advance via mail ( or just use it when needed

Office hours

  • Monday to Friday: 8AM - 8PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: closed

[!Danger] Employees must respect the times above: at 8PM the alarm is automatically switched on, and the parking gate cannot be open after closing hour.

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