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Internal infrastructure reliable and up and running.

Internal request management

I have a problem. What I can do?

Internally, the team is stimulated and hired in relation to the circle of belonging using time slots (i.e. via Calendar to internal IT mail) with other teams or with people who need support. This allows you to organize work activities and give the right priorities.

We want to minimize the typical "do yuo have a minute?" phenomenon.

Require a time slot

The time slot is typically sent via calendar/appointment tool (using internal it mail) and allows the recipient to accept, refuse or propose a different time. The time slot is asked to a Company Services or Developer Services Role of the circle who has the right to accept or refuse if busy. If the slot is asked to the Internal IT Lead Link it can accept or refuse, but in case of refusal must still handle the request with the help of a member of the circle.

Require an new infrastructure/account/service

If you need a new infrastructure, access or account for a cloud service, you need to send a request email to interal IT. We will take care of the request in 1.5 working days and create everything you need. People who request an internal IT service are users and not managers of the platforms created, so any changes go through the team. This allows a better management of resources and a capillary verification of the budget.

The cost of the service or infrastructure will fall on the internal IT budget, but the time spent will be managed on the project budget.

Company Device Compliance

Each employee must adapt their devices to these rules.

Windows devices

On devices with Windows OS is mandatory to have in place this kind of requirements:

  • Activate Bitlocker
  • Office 365 users logged on the host and used for company task
  • Encrypted home dir (Mandatory)
  • Full disk encryption (Reccomended)

Reccomended Linux OS distro.

  • Full disk encryption (by default on PopOS)
  • Activate FileVault
Office 365
  • Activate 2FA
  • Password change every 90 days
Device mobile (personal and company provided)

These rules are mandatory also on personal devices only if used for company task. i.e. company email, 2FA apps...

  • Device PIN Code
  • Password, FaceID or TouchID are requested for access Office 365 apps. (where applicable)

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