Our reference tool for Timesheets is Elapseit. Each employee must track every activity in Agile Lab on Elapseit. We have three kinds of activity:

  • Internal: All the activities where demand is coming from Agile Lab itself Fixed Price: This is a customer-oriented project where we assume the project's governance, and we are responsible for the overall delivery, and obviously, we have a budget to fit. How many people we employ is our internal problem.
  • Time & Material: In this case, the customer is paying for the adequate consumed time by our team.


Every year in January is time for budgeting, so any circle and role should have a directly correlated budget to time consumption. Naming Conventions:

  • All the project names that are starting with "Agile" are internal
  • In 2021, all the project names are ending with "2021."

Now let's describe the significant internal activities and when it is acceptable to track time on them:

Agile Architecture

  • Only for the architect role.
  • When you spend time researching some topic or sharing your vision about it.

Agile Engine Management

  • Only for lead links and project leaders of Engine.
  • When you spend time managing the team, 1-1, challenging the process, feeding the handbook.

Agile Formazione Interna

  • For everyone
  • When you spend time studying something, reading a book, attending an internal workshop or a conference, or outsourced training. Also, the time needed to prepare a workshop is "Formazione Interna"

Agile Formazione Certificazioni 2021

  • For Everyone
  • When you spend time preparing a certification or helping someone to get there.

Agile Internal IT

  • Only for the Internal IT circle
  • When you spend time administering an internal system or exploring new IT admin practices and tools

Agile Opensource Maintenance

  • Only for the OpenSource maintainer role
  • When you spend time managing an open-source repo, releasing it, improving the doc, managing the community, etc

Agile Other

  • For everyone
  • When you spend time on activities you cannot classify, or acting out of your roles and not sure about which circle it should be.

Agile R&D

  • For everyone, except interns
  • When you spend time on research projects pairing interns and helping them to achieve results. It is not for the product's development; each product has its project on Elapseit. It is only for early-stage research & development of ideas.

Agile Software Factory

  • Only for the Software Factory team
  • When you spend time improving internal practices about software development, helping other groups, feeding the handbook, etc.

Agile SRE

  • Only for the SRE team
  • When you spend time on internal practices or tools to improve the way we operate. Not related to any specific service.

Agile Tesi/Tirocinio

  • Only for interns.
  • No matter what activity you are doing, please report on this project.
@AgileLab https://www.agilelab.it/

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