Team Building

We have a first-remote culture, but this is not meaning that we don't have team spirit. We encourage people to socialize in several ways. Still, especially within the team, we want to create a harmonious workplace where people align with goals, respect each other and are in the position to act in the best interest of the team ( blameless support ). Also, internally, it is crucial to keep the atmosphere informal, relaxed and goliardic.

This is why we have a budget for team building events that every project/service/product lead can spend to glue the team in the way they prefer: work together in a physical location for a couple of days and have fun together, have dinner, have a day off, etc

The goal is clear, and the activities must be team-centric and related.


  • The budget is global and available until it is not finished, so be respectful in the way and the quantity you spend it.
  • The purpose of the team building event must focus on the team itself
  • Budget can be spent only on team members. People not part of the team can join, but they need to cover their expenses by themselves, and they should not shift the team's focus.
  • The quantity of budget that each team can spend should be proportioned to the following metrics: team size, project duration, and team marginality. We don't want to set parameters, but it must be clear that a three-person team doing a project for three months can't spend the same budget as a six-person team with a long-term commitment.
  • The general rule "Spend company money like it is your own money" is always valid
  • Optimize the budget: Ex. if most of the people of the team are in one specific city and the activity that you have in mind is reaching the goal also in that city, go with that to minimize transportation and accommodation costs


  • The project leader/lead link checks the remaining budget in the Engine Metrics
  • The team is organizing itself, interacting with PeopleOps
  • The project leader/lead link communicates by Email to the Lead Link of Engine the total amount of spent budget

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