Agile Lab has adopted the SA8000 system to demonstrate its commitment to social responsibility and the well-being of its employees. SA8000 is an international standard that establishes strict standards for the management of ethical and sustainable work practices.

Through the implementation of SA8000, Agile Lab is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for employees, respecting their fundamental rights, including those related to labor, non-discrimination, freedom of association, and fair treatment.

SA8000 also requires compliance with national and international labor laws, the prevention of child labor exploitation, and the promotion of dignified working conditions and wage equity.

Agile Lab is committed to conducting internal audits and undergoing external verifications to ensure compliance with SA8000 requirements and to continuously monitor and improve its personnel management practices.

By adopting SA8000, Agile Lab demonstrates its willingness to promote a corporate culture based on integrity, respect for human rights, and social equity. This commitment extends not only to direct employees of the company but also to suppliers and business partners, encouraging them to adhere to the same high ethical and social standards.

Agile Lab recognizes that business success cannot be separated from social responsibility and that investing in the protection and well-being of people is a fundamental pillar for creating a sustainable and successful long-term work environment.

Plese also refer to Company and Compliance section for additional information.

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