Book Club

The Book Club is an initiative of the Software Factory Circle. It is run by the Book Club curator.


What is the Book Club?

The Book Club is a community where we read to expand our knowledge and inspire knowledge sharing.

What is the goal of the Book Club?

The goal of the Book Club is to promote:

  • learning something new (continuous learning)
  • learning something useful (real-world applications)
  • learning from each other (discussion).

What do we do at the Book Club?

Every two weeks,

  • we read something new (eg book chapter, blog post) in async,
  • we collect discussion points in async, based on a discussion template,
  • we meet (30min) to discuss what we read.

How does the discussion work?

In the discussion, we review the discussion points that were collected in async. This means we go through the submitted points, and eg questions are answered, lessons learned/tips are presented.

To maximize info exchange in the discussion, the discussion points are based on a discussion template.

How can I join the Book Club?

  • Please check on Holaspirit who currently energizes the role of Book Club Curator.
  • Write a message to the Book Club Curator and ask to be added to the Book Club.

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