When it comes to IT disruptions, accidental errors or deliberate attacks, backups have a crucial role to guarantee the recovery of the situation.

Backup criteria

  • Backups are archived in remote locations
  • Backups are encrypted in-transit and at-rest
  • Backups are accessible to internal IT members
  • Backups are stored for at least 1 year
  • Backup procedures are tested every 6 months
  • A backup inventory is kept up to date
  • If the backup procedure creates interferes with service delivery, it's performed during non working hours

Backup and Restore procedure

For each service, Internal IT evaluates if there's a need of backup.

Main considerations:

  • services used for test purposes can be excluded
  • services that are not critical for the company can be excluded
  • services that guarantee strategies of high availability and fault recovery can be excluded

For all other services, ad-hoc backup and restore procedures are defined, taking into account the acceptable risk and the importance of the data. For each of them, the following items documents are produced:

  • backup procedure
  • restore procedure
  • backup/restore journal (who,when)

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