Webinars are less technical and more lead generation oriented events; often a customer is invited to testimony the work done and the quality produced; it is also an opportunity to advertise products and solutions offered by the company.

There is no rule of timing on the organization and at the moment there are no objectives on the number of events of this type to be organized, but their importance is indisputable and that's why every idea in this regard is appreciated by all employees.

The tool chosen for webinars is Teams.


The process is described below:

Idea and Planning

The idea of a webinar can come from employees who think they can describe and advertise products and/or services currently offered to customers, from marketing that manages to involve customers interested in increasing visibility by participating, etc.. Any idea, even if not completely elaborated, can be communicated to the event specialist who has "webinar" focus. If the idea is considered practicable, the webinar is placed on the marketing calendar approximately in the week in which it is intended to take place. The event specialist will create a hola project in the future that will allow the monitoring of the organization over time.


The first steps for the realization of the webinar are:

  • identification of the internal speaker(s) of Agilelab
  • identification of the customer-side speaker (if any)
  • definition of the precise date of the event.

1 month before the event it is necessary that:

  • the event specialist and the internal speaker define the survay to be sent for the registration phase and thanks to which they will try to understand the type of audience present
  • the event specialist creates the issue in the video repository for the video that will be created during the event
  • the social publisher advertises the event on its favourite social channels
  • the event specialist defines the schedule of the event with the expected speakers

a few days before the event:

  • the social publisher remembers the event through quick posts

during the event:

  • the event specialist makes sure the event is recorded.

Follow up

The days after the event, the social publisher will send thanks to the participants while the social analyst will retrieve the metrics and update the crm with the leads obtained.


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