We use the articles a lot as a marketing tool with the goal of maintaining a high presence of the company on the major social channels, to publicize the skills present in the company, to share experiences and projects.

On the social media is planned the publication of:

  • POSTS: quick publication for the sponsorship of events, the re-post of third-party articles considered interesting, company news such as certifications acquired, new recruitment, etc. ...
  • ARTICLES: by articles we mean a technical and/or functional and/or commercial content that has been proposed, written and approved entirely among our people.


The steps leading to the publication of a single article:


Everyone in the company can submit a proposal for a new blog post. You can submit a proposal for an article you want to write, but you can also just suggest an idea for a new article that you think should be written.

Here follows our publication process:

  • Creating a new issue on the AgileFactory/marketing/articles repository
  • Use the template to fill the description of the issue with a summary of the proposed contents (tips: use the agile-gitlab-cli to open the new issue as follows lab issue new-work-item -k blog "<title of the issue>")
  • If you do not want to be the author of the suggested article, add the missing author label to the number


According to their internal organization within the group, people with a Content Owner role will check the repository to evaluate the open issues.

The following workflow shows the process Content Owners should follow to manage an article life cycle:


In the writing phase, the author can start working on the blog post through any available mean that fits his/her own need, for instance the Writer can proceed with a merge request, following the classic software development workflow and adding the <title>.md file within its feature branch.

Content owners constantly monitor the issues and choose which one they want to follow, they should have the goal of following always at least 4 article being written and at least 2 article that would be delivered in the current month. The content owner is responsible for the entire issue workflow, leaving to the writer only the duty of writing the article: the content owner will open the issue, update its status and close it with all the information needed.


  • Alice and Bob are content owners
  • The repository contains 10 issues about articles
  • Alice takes ownership of the first 5 issues
  • Bob takes ownership of the first 5 issues
  • Alice tries to engage the writers to start on all articles and tries to push for the delivery of 2 out of 5 within the current month
  • Bob does the same

During the writing and content review phases, the Writer and the content owner organize themselves as they prefer, using the tool they considered appropriate; the completion of the activity and the delivery of the article for publication consists instead in publishing it as a draft on and adding the link to the repository issue.

Finally, the link to the draft on must be shared within the issue that originated the article and this issue must be closed. Only issue closed with a reference to the article on are eligible for publishing.


Planning of publications is done by people with Planner role and can be done from the day after the due date defined in the issue (Writer and Content Owner establish a due date as the date in which the article will be written and approved); the timing of publication is freely established according to marketing opportunities.


The publication is the responsibility of the social publisher and is followed by a phase of measurement of retention by the social analyst. Once published, the material will be saved on sharepoint in the Marketing/Articoli folder.

The publisher is responsible for labelling the original issue with the label "Published".


Most of the posts published are the result of the work of the social publisher who independently decides on content, timing and channels.

As for the re-posting of third-party links, Content owners are asked weekly to select a couple of contents discussed in the technical chats in the company and to communicate them to the social publisher with a quick text.


Found an error in the handbook? The source code can be found here. Please feel free to edit and contribute a merge request, powered by Gitbook
Modified at: 2021-04-08 10:00:09

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