At the end of each semester we have performance reviews. Performance reviews allow everyone to give and receive feedbacks in order to improve our work. The result of the performance review will also determine the cash bonus for every employee.

Performance review is another way to provide feedbacks, it is anonymous and structured, then it can be useful to focus on specific collaborations aspects. Performance metrics are not strictly related to coding or similar, but they are rather more oriented towards soft skills and collaboration. Here you can find the list of such skills:

  • Projects contribution: how crucial it is for project success. Availability to match company needs in different conditions, extra or boring activities, spirit of sacrifice.
  • Team spirit: collaborative, helpful and interested in pushing forward together with other team members. Understanding of company values and objectives, believe in the projects and act as an owner. For project leaders the ability to lead a group creating a positive and stress-free environment, achieving all the project goals.
  • Stakeholder satisfaction: build a good and reliable trust with the customers or stakeholders. Anticipate problems and requests.
  • Precision: always complete the definition of done and all the required deliverables. Taking care of due dates, problems and being proactive in removing obstacles out of our path
  • Communication: ability to efficiently communicate objectives, results, create moments for retrospective, 1 to 1, always being ready to accept constructive criticism.

You must provide your feedback to all the people you worked with during the past semester, whether they were in your team or in other teams. Each skill can have a vote between 1 and 10. Votes 6 to 10 are all considered positive feedbacks. Votes 1 to 5 are negative feedbacks. 10 means you've never seen a better performing colleague in such skill in your entire career. Please provide a vote for all the skills and remember to be objective.

Finally, filling the Performance review provides the perfect chance to give your feedback to the company about how your leaning path is going, if there are impediments, etc.

The COO will provide you a template spreadsheet file. Please compile it, save it with the name review_${name}_${surname} and send it back to the COO.

Score calculation

In order to be transparent, in this section we will describe the procedure to calculate the final score.

In case someone has no votes on some specific skill, it will be filled by the COO ( in case he is aware ) or it will be replaced by 5. Otherwise, in case of multiple votes for the same skill, an average operator will be applied.

At the end of this step we have a complete matrix "person vs skill".

For each skill, a normalization is applied with the following formula:

x2 = (x - mean)/range


  • x = skill vote of a person
  • mean = the mean vote for that skill across all the voted people
  • range = (max - min) vote on that skill
  • x2 = normalized value

Now we sum every skill's normalized vote so to get the overall score of each person. This score is then normalized between 0 and 1 and we are done.

The final normalization is really important because, eventually, the score is the percentage of the defined cash bonus that you will earn. This way we can ensure that at least one person in the company will earn the full bonus quota, regardless the obtained absolute votes.


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